Peterborough Singles Group - Close CONNECTions, incorporating Farmers Friends

For the Peterborough (Cambs, Lincs, Northants) region

Single?   Welcome!

Thank you for visiting our web site. If you're single and live in or reasonably near Peterborough, then this is where you start to widen your circle of friends and enhance your social life!

The Close Connections Circle
A Singles Group for Peterborough and the circling region

Close CONNECTions is a Singles Group for Peterborough and the surrounding area, covering approximately a 20 mile radius from the City, with events in Peterborough and also further afield in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northants. Some Members living at a distance only attend events that are held in their immediate vicinity whilst others are happy to travel further. We encourage lift sharing as this enables more Members to attend more often, and we ensure that meals and other events are held in all Members areas so that no-one has all of the travelling all of the time.

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Close CONNECTions - the respectable, friendly group for singles in Cambs, Lincs and Northants - join us!